Monday, March 9, 2009

a setback

Well, looks like we had a minor setback. We left after work Friday to go see Donnie's Mom and brothers in Mississippi for the weekend. Saturday Donnie started getting jaundiced. I called the dr. they assured me as long as he wasn't running fever he could finish his visit and come in Sunday when he got home. They admitted him to the hospital last night and started fluids. He hasn't been eating or drinking anything because he has been in so much pain. His pain has really escalated over the last week and become unbearable. I was hoping maybe that they may be able to get his pain under control and help him get some sleep here. Not quite there yet. the pain is still an issue. so is sleeping. anyway, tests today show that he has a blockage in his bile duct. he also has pancreatitis. he is on a clear liquid diet and will have a stent put in tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully this will clear things up so his liver will function properly and also give him some relief. We haven't heard from the insurance about his trail yet but that is on the back burner until we get these issues resolved. We will probably be in the hopital a couple more days depepnding on if the procedure goes as planned. They did tell us other things could come up.
I will update when I know more.
Keep praying
love to all

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