Sunday, March 1, 2009

and we are off again

We will be leaving tomorrow after work to head back to MD Anderson to meet with the "phase 1" dr's on Tuesday morning. We don't have any idea what their plan will be but we may be there all week. They told us to be prepared to stay.It's been a tough week. Donnie is still not sleeping very well. Maybe a little better than he was but still not good. He is quite tired lately. He has some pretty serious back pain going on. Dr doesn't know if it is from the lymph nodes growing that are pressing on his spinal cord. He has dropped quite a bit of weight lately. About 25 pounds recently. He doesn't have an appetite at all and when he does eat, it is mostly because I am forcing him to or nagging him to. I hate to nag him but he has to eat. Losing weight is not a good thing at all.He has been having a really tough time lately. He pushes thru and still continues to do as much as he possibly can. But what he can do seems to be so much more limited than it was. He just doesn't seem to have the strength that he did. I know it is hard for him but he is fighting as hard as he can. It is breaking my heart to see him struggle so much lately. But that being said, we are living every day to the fullest of our abilities on that day. Some are better than others but we are doing all we can. Cancer has robbed us of so much but it will not rob me of making as many wonderful memories that we can. Hold tight to those that you love dear and treasure the time that you spend together. We live in such a fast paced world, it becomes easy to take tomorrow for granted. Anyone who is or has fought the cancer battle can understand that I am sure.
I will update from Houston as I can and as I know something. please put Donnie in your prayers!! We need these dr's to come up with something!!!!Keep prayinglove to all Robin

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