Tuesday, February 24, 2009

latest update

We got home from Houston just a little while ago. Donnie had scans Monday and saw the dr today. It wasn't good . The only good news is that the clots in his lungs look like they may be breaking up. The bad news is that the chemo he has been taking isn't working. His lymph nodes are growing again. They didn't do chemo today since it isn't working. They are referring him to a different group of doctors there at MD Anderson. They call them the phase 1 doctors. They try all the experimental and clinical trials. They should call by the end of the week to make an appointment hopefully next week. I don't even know what else to say except
Keep praying
love to all

Friday, February 20, 2009

I know it has been forever since I updated. Donnie has been pretty sick. This chemo is really taking a toll on him and it has been hard for me to bring myself to write. He still isn't sleeping. couple of hours here and there but never any longer. It is taking it's toll on him. He has been like this for weeks.
we leave Sunday for Houston and he has scans and tests on Monday and will see the Dr Tuesday afternoon. Please pray for good results and a solution to his sleeping problem.
keep praying
love to all

Sunday, February 8, 2009

donnie update

I just wanted to write an update. It has been a difficult week. Donnie hasn’t been feeling well at all. He ended up at after hours Friday night with a nasty ear infection. Between that and the fever and the chills, he is just worn out. He hasn’t been out of bed a whole lot since Wednesday. It bothers me that he is feeling so bad right now because we leave tomorrow for Houston for another round of chemo which won’t help with how he is feeling. It is like his body hasn’t had time to “bounce back” from the last one.
I have wanted to update all week but have had a hard time myself. It is so hard to see him ill. It takes a toll on my heart. Please pray that he gets up and going again soon
Love to all

Thursday, February 5, 2009

extra prayers

Just wanted to send a note to ask for extra prayers today. Donnie is under the weather. He has had fever and terrible chills. He is at home in bed resting. Say an extra prayer for him to feel better today.
Love to all

Monday, February 2, 2009

Just wanted to touch base. For those of you who read Justin’s essay, he got an A on the rough draft but doesn’t have his final grade yet. Doesn’t matter, it’s an A in my book.
He also was accepted to LSU!! We were all excited. Now he just needs to audition for the band.

It was a breakneck trip to and from Houston last week. We left Monday after work and came home Tuesday after his chemo. His blood work was good. His white blood cell count was high so that is good. When it is low, he is more susceptible to infection.

We have been trying to keep him away from everyone because Shantel and Caley have both been sick. Shantel had the flu. He definitely doesn’t need that. So I have been disinfecting everything she touches!!!

This chemo is taking a toll on him. Thankfully, it doesn’t make him sick but he gets really tired but is unable to sleep. Something in the chemo keeps him from sleeping. So he will sleep an hour and then wake up. Sleep another hour and wake up again. It’s tough for him because he never gets and good sleep. Quite frustrating.

He goes back for chemo on the 10th.(Next Tuesday) and then we will go back on Feb 23rd for x-rays and scans and then see the Dr on Tuesday the 24th for results. Hopefully, they will be good. I want to hear that this chemo is working!!!!!!!!

Not much else to report now.

Love to all
Keep praying.