Sunday, March 22, 2009

2 weeks today. It seems like forever. I did go home for a couple of hours yesterday and I worried about him the whole time I was gone.
His night was really bad. Seems like so long before his pain was under control. I will be honest, it scared me. It hasn't been that hard before to get under control. I hope that tonight is better.
He had another test today. An upper GI series? He drank the barium and then they took xrays as it moved thru his intestines. It took almost all day, they kept coming back to get more xrays. I am assuming and hoping that we get the results back tomorrow. Things seem to be moving, they said the barium could actually help him. I am hoping that the test shows them what is the matter so we can get him fixed and home!!
I am really hoping that we go home tomorrow. I know I have said that since we have been here but I REALLY hope he gets to go home. He wants to go home so badly. I do too.

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Deb said...

Just wanted to check in to say I've not stopped thinking of you and your husband. I read your poems and they are sooo true for those of us who are affected by cancer. No one really knows what each of us go through, but at the same time we are all blessed to have the opportunity to walk alongside those we love in their dire need.
God Bless You Both and I'll be in touch.
Take care,