Thursday, March 12, 2009

Donnie seemed to sleep a little better last night. They somewhat have his pain under control with pain meds. His liver levels are getting better. His color is a little better but his eyes are still pretty yellow. His iron counts are still dropping so they are going to give him some blood today. He may be able to go home tomorrow but the dr said we would have to take things one day at a time and see how things are tomorrow.
not much else to report
keep praying
love to all

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Deb said...

Just wanted to let u know that my husband had that procedure done almost three yrs ago for the same reason....he was very yellow and itchy and the stent cleared everything right up. He still has the same on in which his dr says it amazing. He did however have allergic reactions back then to some of the meds due to his lived functions being soooo high that the liver could not process the meds. Just wanted u to know his, in case Donnie also has the reaction. It may never happen to him, but just wanted to give u a thumbs up. Reaction to the meds at that time was instant sweating, difficulty in breathing, and pain in arms, back and chest. They changed the meds and everything healed perfectly. Donnie will find the stent makes a big difference to the way he's been feeling. Take care...thinking of you both always.