Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I thought that we would be able to go home today but Donnie's pain got really out of control last night. He decided about 3 a.m. that he wasn't ready to go home. The dr came in this am and said that he thinks that the lymph nodes growing in Donnie's abdomen are what are causing probably 90% of his pain at this point. If we go home, his pain is going to stay at the level it is or only get worse. Our only option is radiation. They are going to try to radiate those lymph nodes to try to shrink them and see if that will help alleviate his pain. Granted at this point, we know that there is no cure, I still pray for a miracle. He will have his first radiation treatment tomorrow afternoon. If it works he probably won't see any break in his pain until late next week. But then you get to deal with the side effects of radiation. Hopefully it will give him some relief. It has been a long day. I am off to bed soon.Love to all keep praying Robin

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Deb said...

Hoping the radiation will help reduce the pain....many do not have severe side effects from radiation so I'm praying Donnie's will be minimal. Keep the faith and many of us walk beside you on this difficult journey.
God Bless!