Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Donnie did good with his surgery/procedure today. It took 3 hours. I was beside myself waiting. I think I wore out a piece of carpet in the waiting area. I did good for the first hour and a half. After that, I was crazy with worry. They predicted that it could take an hour or more but they had problems with the scope equipment that sent them scrambling to get more equipment to get him finished. But anyway the dr was pleased with what he did and what he found. They put in a permanent stent in his bile duct. They believe that lymph nodes were pressing against the duct and had closed it off. His pancreas was irratated but still ok. He is in quite a bit of pain tonight but they think that will get better in the next 24 hours as long as his pancreas doesn't get inflamed. He will be in here atleast a couple more days. They want to make sure all of his numbers are going down like they should and that they have his pain under control before they send him home. Although he is still very jaundiced (his eyes are like nothing I have ever seen!!!) that should get better tomorrow and continue to keep getting better until he gets his color back.
The kids are holding their own at home. I am so proud of them. I feel terrible for not being home with them, seems like we are always gone, to Houston or now here but they understand that Donnie needs me to be here taking care of him and I think they might be mad at me if I left him alone to come home. I can honestly say we have a great support system. Family and friends are looking in on them and feeding them and whatever else they may need. (Thank you so much!!!)
Thats about all I have to report tonight. I will update as things progress. Thank you to everyone for your support, your love and your prayers. It means so very much to us.
love to all
Keep praying

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