Friday, July 31, 2009


Searching for answers

I know that some people believe that you will “find” your own answers when you are looking for them. Be that as it may, I believe in the answers that I have been given.

You may all think I am crazy but I will write it anyway. When I go to the cemetery to see Donnie, I sit and talk to him as I always have. I have asked him several things and I seem to get answers from the strangest places. When I went to see him last Saturday, I was telling him about Justin and his accident and how he was ok and lucky to not be hurt. Then I asked him "was that you? Were you watching over him?"

Well I got an email from one of Donnie's friends in Austin Texas on Tuesday. He told me that he had a dream the night before and in that dream Donnie told him that he was with Justin and Sara and that is why they were ok and "when you smile, I smile"

He said he had no idea what it was about. He said he was confused until he read my blog Tuesday morning that I posted about Justin's wreck and about how I feel guilty for smiling without Donnie.

I truly think Donnie was answering me. I’ll be honest, I cried. Quite a bit.

Funny thing is Lee provided the answer for me once before as well. I don't ask Donnie much but each time I have asked, I feel like I have received an answer. I had forgotten that I had even asked him about Justin until I got Lee's email that morning.

I am thankful that he sent the answer that I was needing. It comforts me to know he is still with us and watching over us. He is still in my heart and my mind every day. But oh how I wish I could wrap my arms around him just one more time and hear him say he loves me. I miss him so much.

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