Monday, November 17, 2008

Donnie update

Well, Donnie’s arm wasn’t any better today so he called and made an appointment with his oncologist here. He was supposed to leave for Houston this afternoon for chemo tomorrow. Dr Castine told him to call and reschedule. He said if he drives over there that they won’t do his chemo with this infection that he has. He had an ultrasound done on his arm to see if there was blood clots. (this type of infection causes the blood to clot) there was some clotting but not in the main artery. He gave him another antibiotic to take with the bactrim he is taking now and gave him a shot and sent him home with the shots to take for 4 days. (he doesn’t think he will be able to give him self a shot in the stomach so we will have someone come and do it for him.)
He will then have to take 325mg of aspirin every day for the next 3 weeks once he is done with his shots.
I am hoping and praying he will be able to get his chemo next week. Last time it got delayed his tumor grew.
That is all I know for now. I will update later when I know more. love to all
Keep praying.


Debbie said...

Hi Robin,
I have had you added on my website under "Blogs to follow" and I've just gone in to read yours a few minutes ago. I can most definitely relate to your "living this nightmare" as I know I've felt the same way many of times, as well as other caregivers. It is a long and winding road for sure.
When my husband was taking IV chemo, he also had problems with his arm due to the chemo, but did not have an infection. Sure hope that everything is now getting better with that.
My husband has terminal kidney cancer and I also created a website to help others by sharing our experiences along the way.
I have a "live" chat on the website just about every evening at approx 7:30pm ADT which is 6:00pm Ontari/Maine time. We have a great group of cancer patients and caregivers who together give each other great support to get through difficult days. It is also a wonderful place to share experiences and to obtain information along the way. We'd love to have you join us at anytime. The chat forum is right at the top of my website and if no one is on at the time, please keep checking back.
My email address is if you'd like to send me a message anytime and my website is

Take care now and I'll look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jeaux said...


Hang in there hon. I'm still a praying for you both.
Caley is so cute in her Tiger suit!

I also hope you are feeling better, at least by today? I know taking care of my parents, and my home, and working, and whatever else needs doing, that I am feeling worn down. THAT is just the time illness strikes, when defenses are low because of stress or overdoing things... So (wait, let me get my doctor's hat on!) get plenty of rest, have one of your kids make some home made chicken soup (it's gotta be home made with big chunks of carrots, celery, potato and onion) and rest, rest, rest!!

Love you!