Friday, November 14, 2008

Donnie update

Hi All,
Sorry for not posting sooner. Things have been busy and I still haven’t been feeling all to well. I haven’t felt much like writing.
Donnie went for chemo last week and seemed to be doing ok from it. Tired but still feeling decent.
He went to Houston Wednesday for work for a manager’s meeting and called me yesterday to tell me to make him a dr’s appointment. He was having some pain in his arm and it was red and swollen and very tender to the touch.
He had a dental procedure done on Monday and they had to give him an iv to put him to sleep. When he got home last night from the airport he pointed out that he had a red line down his arm. I knew that wasn’t good.
So he went to the dr this am. His oncologist here doesn’t see patients on Friday so I made him an appointment with the family dr. Seems that he has an infection in his veins in his arm. The dr told him that people with cancer and taking chemo tend to get infections in their veins. He put him on an antibiotic and told him to use warm compresses and if it doesn’t get any better in a couple of days to go back.
Hopefully the antibiotic will clear it up quickly. I know that it has been causing him a good bit of pain. Nothing else to report now.
Love to all
Keep praying

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