Tuesday, September 23, 2008

update from Houston

Hello from Houston. Well I can say it has been a very long 2 days. Donnie had all of his tests yesterday and we saw the Dr. earlier today. I wish I could say that we got better news. The dr said that the cluster of lymph nodes seems to be growing again. His tumor marker went up from 3.4 to 7.6. That is indication of the disease growing. The tumor in his esophagus is stable at this time. The dr wasn't sure if the growth was due to the fact that we have been pushed back 2 weeks and it has been a month since he had chemo or if this chemo has stopped working. He isn't quite ready to give up on this chemo. Just incase, it was because of the delay. So the plan is this. Donnie is having chemo now and will have chemo again in 2 weeks. After that 2 weeks they will do another blood test to check his tumor marker again. If it is still going up, they will change the type of chemo.
So that is my update. I sure wish it was a better one. I am pretty sure that we will be staying again in Houston tonight and driving home in the morning. It has been a long day and he won't be done till later.
Love to all and keep praying

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