Thursday, September 18, 2008


Not a whole lot to update here. BUT we are going to Houston this weekend. As of yesterday MD Anderson was fully functional again. So he will have pet scan and x-rays and blood work on Monday and he will see the Dr on Tuesday for results!! We need lots of prayers to get a good result!!!!! love to all
keep praying

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Jeaux said...


I know how you feel about schedules and what not. At least with a schedule, you can plan around it. For me, just that simple act of "planning around it" give me a feeling of having at least SOME control of the situation. So, if the schedule is off for what ever reason, my sense of control goes bezerk.

I am glad scans for both have been good. I get that with Mom's doc too. But, "good" is not good enough for me. In Mom's case, what exactly does "good" mean? "Within Normal Limits"? Or, "Not in Normal Limits, but Not Too Bad, Either"? Or, does "good" mean "better than the last one"?

I am in a very frustrated mode right now with the medical system. I am so glad your family has been fortunate in that treatment is working. THAT, right there, puts a smile on my frownie face!

Chin down, fists up. Keep up the fight girlie!

Love you!