Wednesday, August 27, 2008

another update

Well, Donnie made it to Houston and back but not with any help from me. I started feeling tired on Sunday and Monday morning woke up with a stomach virus. It wasn't any fun and Donnie ended up going to Houston by himself. I hated that. Anyway, he didn't even get to see the dr. He saw the physicians assistant again! Said some of his levels were down and wanted to give him something in his iv when he got his chemo.
Now Donnie being Donnie, he didn't ask any more questions. I would have had several more. But it made for a very long day at the hospital. He stayed last night and got home around 6 this evening. He was quite tired (rightfully so) and is off to bed. I feel terrible that he had to go by himself. He on the other hand, swears he is fine. Always the tough guy.
I am feeling somewhat better today. Definitely not back to par yet but ever so slowly getting there. Hopefully Donnie won't get what I had. I had the kids disenfecting the house like crazy before he came home.
Well nothing else to report here. Looks to be an early night for all of us as I am off to bed myself. I hope that tommorow is a better day.Hopefully the Hurricane will stay away!!!

Love to all
Robin and Donnie

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