Monday, August 4, 2008

Donnie Update

Just an update on Donnie. Not a whole lot of news to report. He has fared ok from his chemo last week. He has started experiencing the dreaded ulcers in his throat and his mouth will soon follow. He doesn't complain though. I think he is the toughest person I know. He takes day by day and tackles each hurdle and keeps on going. I am sure that is why he has been as successful as he has battling this dreaded disease. As we approach the 1 year anniversary of his Diagnosis. (Oct 1) I look back at that fateful day and didn't know where we would be today. Reaching the year mark is huge with this kind of cancer. But I still just try to take day by day and not try to look too far into the future. Each day is a gift that I cherish.

We have an appointment next Tuesday with the dr at MD Anderson when we go back for his next chemo. I have lots of questions. Hopefully I will come back with some answers.
As you can see from some of my recent pictures. Donnie is growing his hair back. For whatever reason this chemo has not caused it to fall out. Donnie is quite happy about that as he never did like being bald. Although, I thought he was a handsome bald man!!! He got his first haircut since October!!!

Update on Keith (Donnie's brother) He is recovering from his surgery well and right now, they think that they got everything. He will have to have radiation but he goes to the dr next week so we will know more then. Please keep him and his family in your prayers as well.

Not too much else to report here. just getting back to the real world after having such a wonderful family vacation. it's hard to come back to reality after being able to getting away from the everyday things we face.

I will update next week after we get back.

Keep praying

love to all


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