Sunday, August 24, 2008

update 08-22-08

Donnie has still had a rough week. On Wednesday he finally called the dr because he just couldn't swallow and was running a low grade fever. He was able to get in to see the dr here in Baton Rouge yesterday. They checked his blood counts and they were ok. His throat was still yuck. The sores had started to heal. They weren't sure if it was infection in his throat or not. Gave him 4 prescriptions. Antibiotic, and 2 different mouth rinses for the sores and the pain. I'm not even sure what the other was. I think he slept ok last night. He hasn't been able to eat or sleep much at all this week. He said he felt a tiny bit better this morning. I hope he feels better before we go to Houston on Tuesday for chemo. And hopefully he will be able to get some rest this weekend.
But he is such a trooper thru it all. He amazes me every day of my life. His strength is unbelievable.
Keep praying
love to all

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