Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Just wanted to update. Donnie went to MD Anderson yesterday for his chemo treatment. He is home now with his pump still receiving chemo until tomorrow afternoon and then it will come out. Since he didn't see the doctor this time, we will see the dr when we go back in 2 weeks. He is feeling ok so far but tired. It was a long trip back and forth so close together.
Update on Donnie's brother Keith . For those of you who don't know, Donnie's brother Keith was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer a few weeks ago. He had surgery to have his thyroid removed and will start radiation in a couple of weeks. He is feeling better and recouperating from his surgery.
Not a whole lot else to report right now. I will update in a couple of days.
Love to all
keep praying.

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Jeaux said...


You're both doing such a wonderful job with keeping the faith alive. And you're right - Donnie is handsome - with or without his hair!

My Mom's been having difficulty with scheduling as well. Hers is back and forth and back and forth several times a week. I can't imagine going back and forth to TEXAS that much! And, you would think MDA would give you a little notice and try and work things to where you can see the doc then have treatment.... In the same day? Oh well.

Keep on keeping on, girlie. Your family and Donnie's family are all in my prayers!

Love ya!