Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Just wanted to update. Donnie had a decent weekend. He was able to play golf so that made him happy. Doesn't seem like he has been able to play much so I am glad he got to go. He feels ok with the exception of the mouth sores from the chemo. Makes it hard for him to eat. He said if that is the worse side affect he has, he will take it. It could always be worse.
Me and Caley went to the bone marrow drive for Trevor Vampram on Saturday. He is a student at St Amant Hight School who is fighting leukemia. I think it was a success!!!
Not much else going on. Donnie goes back to MD Anderson for chemo again on June 17th which is next Tuesday. Going every 2 weeks is hard. He doesn't have time to "bounce back" from one and he has to go for another. I suspect it may get harder on him as we go along the more chemo that he has.
Well nothing else new to report.
Will post when I have more news.
Love to all
keep praying

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