Wednesday, June 25, 2008

another update

Just wanted to give a quick update. Garage sale was a success. We got rid of alot of stuff!!

Donnie has been feeling pretty good. Last round of chemo didn't knock him down quite as hard as some of the previous. But you know how Donnie is, he will work right on thru it even if it does. He has been quite busy at work so he is pretty tired but other than that, seems to be handling this last round pretty well.

I am anxious waiting for his next appointment. We go July 7th for tests and results on the 8th. I am hopeful but nervous still!!

We are going on vacation with the kids next month. We have a house in Destin we will be gone from July 19-26. We are going with Lisa and Todd and their kids and Gina and Todd and their kids. It should be alot of fun. We are going to enjoy some lazy days hanging out as a family. I think that we need that right now.

Caley has started walking. She is getting around pretty good. She still tries to run and falls but she is getting better. If she wants to get somewhere fast she will still crawl. She is so cute doing the "Frankenstein" walk that they do until they master walking.

Well nothing else to report here.
Love to all
Keep praying

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