Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Donnie got home last night. He and Kim left Sunday afternoon for Houston. Kim works shift work and was kind enough to offer to bring Donnie when he is off. It helps that I don't have to miss as much work. I still hate him going without me . But anyway. It was a long trip for him as usual but he got his bloodwork and chemo and is home with his pump. He will get that taken off tomorrow. Seems to feel ok so far but probably still too early to tell. Hopefully, it won't get him down too bad. He will then go back June 17th for his next round.

Courtney got her drivers permit this morning. She is thrilled to say the least. I am sure she will be offering to drive me everywhere. She isn't a bad driver but still has her moments that she makes me nervous.

Well nothing else new on the homefront. Will update when I have more news.

Keep praying
love to all

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