Tuesday, May 27, 2008

another update

Donnie fared pretty well with this round of chemo. It never really got him down. I expected him to feel pretty bad this past weekend , but thankfully he felt pretty good. We went to the Jambalaya Festival on Saturday to listen to Billboard. We only stayed an hour. It was toooo hot. Then Saturday afternoon we we to a couchandelait. * a pig roast, I know that I butchered that spelling* After that came home and watched movies. Sunday we went to the festival again from 2-4 to serve Jambalaya for our friend Pegram Mire. I was suprised but Donnie made the whole 2 hours and I think he enjoyed himself as well. Monday we bbq'd and had a few friends and family over. It was really nice. Leave for houston again Sunday as Donnie has chemo again Monday. I will update when I have more news.

Keep praying.

love to all


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