Thursday, May 15, 2008


Nothing much to update here. Donnie is feeling pretty good. He looks good too. His hair is growing back. He has another chemo scheduled for this coming Monday the 19th. We will leave Sunday and hopefully be able to come back Monday night. (That is as long as it doesn't take us 13 hours in the hospital again)
We have had a busy couple of weeks with Justin and band and the end of school. We had the spring concert and we had awards banquet Tuesday night. Justin won most improved in Wind Symphony. I was so proud and he was so excited. He played at graduation last night but I didn't go. Too much rain. The rain is awful!!! We have had some really bad weather yesterday and today.
We went to a crafish boil on Saturday (picture of Donnie and Caley) and Sunday Donnie bar-b- qued for me and Todd and Gina came over. It was a nice relaxing day.

Well hate to be boring but not much to report this week.
Love to all

I will update again soon.

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Jeaux said...

Not to be mean, but I wish all your posts were that boring! This boring post had positives - Donnie feeling better, hair growing back (although, I did like the smooth look!), visiting with Caley and your husband cooking for you! NOT TO MENTION THE AWARDS Justin received! It was a great band banquet (Blake/Mitchel won a trophy after you left - or did you see that? It was for Most Improved Freshman).
Yeah, I liked this post alot. I will continue to pray for you guys and gals and I hope your trip and the treatment go well on Monday!

Love and Hugs!