Thursday, May 1, 2008

Crazy Week

Well our week started out crazy and hasn't gotten much better. Donnie called MD Anderson and left a message to find out if they were going to schedule his chemo. They called back at 2:00 and told him he had chemo THAT day at 6:30. We knew their was nooo way we would make it there by 6:30. I called, they said to go ahead and come on in even though we wouldn't be able to get their until around 8. We dropped everything and took off for Houston. I called again from the car and spoke to the girl in the chemo department , she spoke with the charge nurse and said YES, come on in. Got there and the same girl I spoke to told me that they had cancelled his appointment and rescheduled for Wednesday. Needless to say we were both furious. Told them "No, we just dropped everything and drove 5 hours, we are not waiting until wednesday" they reshceduled for Tuesday. Got there Tuesday morning 8:30 am for bloodwork. Then had a 1:00 appointment with Dr and 2:30 chemo. They didn't actaully start his chemo until 6:00. We didn't leave the hospital until 10 that night. It was a long long day. On top of that. I was getting sick. Didn't know if we should stay or go home since he was attached to a pump to continue chemo for 48 hours. Found out that we could get it removed here so we left Houston yesterday morning coming home. After we got home, I felt even worse. Went to the dr. I have bronchitis. Can this week get any better? Anyway, so far Donnie seems to be feeling ok. I was a littel worried because of what I have found out about this chemo is it is pretty bad ass and would make him really sick. I don' t know if it is delayed or he is just such a trooper but he seems to be ok. We go back on May 19th for his next chemo treatment and will go to Houston every 2 weeks after that. That is all i know for now.
Love to all

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