Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update or Non upate (they didn't call today)

I wish I could say that MD Anderson called today like they were supposed to but they didn’t . Waiting is so brutal.
I can’t walk in my house anymore. People have donated soo much stuff for Donnie’s benefit. It is very touching and quite overwhelming. We don’t know most of the people that donated. But you know, people can relate. Cancer touches so many people and it is such a dreadful disease. I just can’t believe there isn’t a cure. We as a country can come up with something for male pattern baldness, viagra, ridiculous other drugs for minute things. You cannot tell me that there isn’t a cure out there somewhere. But then again, there is no money $$ in a cure. there is MONEY$$$$$$ in treatment. I dont’ know but that is what I believe.
Hope to have an update for everyone that MD Anderson called tomorrow with a treatment plan.
And I hope to see everyone at the benefit.
Love to all Robin

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Jeaux said...

Donbin (Donnie and Robin)

I figured if there can be a Brangelina, there should be a Donbin. Hope you don't mind!

Well, maybe the saying "no news is good news" can be applied here. Hopefully, they are stunned by the results and want to re-run them to be sure they are seeing what they are seeing.. A girl can hope!

I know that when we pray for something we should ask God that He comply - "..if it is Your Will, Lord." Well, I usually do that. But I hope I didn't make Him angry by saying "I WANT DONNIE TO BE TREATABLE - and I hope that is YOUR WILL also." I just went way off the selfish end. Hope I don't mess up anything for you!

Your call will come, but not unless you leave the house to run an errand. I know that's usually when important phone calls come for me. Or as soon as I sit down in the bathroom! OY!

Well, keep us posted.