Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still waiting

It seems like forever since we came back from Houston. Waiting is awful. I hate feeling like we aren't doing anything. We still had a good weekend though. Donnie played golf on Saturday. I am glad he was able to and the weather didn't make things too wet. It did ALOT of raining Friday night. Justin and Sara went to prom last night. They looked so nice all dressed up. I can't wait to get their pictures back. Courtney spent the night with Danielle and Shantel and Caley came over. Shantel went home around 10 and Caley stayed the night. She is growing so fast!! She will be walking before we know it. We had a good time with her. One thing, I think her Poppy spoils her/ LOL. Of course he does. I think we all do.
Anyway, just waiting for the doctor to call on Wednesday. Still getting ready for the benefit. I am hearing that the word is spreading like crazy. I hope so, I know how hard everyone has worked on this.
Love to all, I will update when I know something


Jeaux said...

Hey Robin!

I know what you mean about the waiting and the waiting and then the conflicting doctor statements. That bites royally! You and Donnie are in my prayers daily. I am going to call to see what time my shift at the sweets booth is. Can't remember if it's 12 - 2, or 2 -4 (knowing me - it's probably neither!).

If I don't see you before, I'll see you Saturday!

Love to you both!