Sunday, April 13, 2008

A day for Donnie

Words cannot express how overwhelmed I am by the support shown to us from our friends,family and our community. A day for Donnie was a huge success. I think we ran 100 miles inside the recreation center yesterday. There was so many people there that I saw that I saw for 1 minute it seems like. I felt like I wanted to individually thank everyone there but it was such a crazy day, I never seemed to be able to. It couldn't have been done without a wonderful group of people who are my friends and family. Although I am not related to all them , they are ALL my family. I don't know what we would do without them. I can't thank everyone enough for the time that they donated to make the benefit a success. The people who came and worked booths, the people who donated sweets, crafts, the people who cooked, the bands who donated their time. I am completely overwhelmed and just can't express my gratitude enough. I hope everyone knows how much yesterday meant to us. Mostly for the support of everyone. I am truly touched by the support that has been shown for Donnie. It is a true testament to the wonderful person that he is. Thank you everyone for your time, your friendship, your support,your love and your prayers. We are truly blessed. love to all Robin

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