Thursday, April 3, 2008

Our trip

We left Monday morning for Houston, got to MD Anderson at 11:00. We did the registration and then met with the Dr. He was nice. I liked him well enough. He seemed very thourough. He ordered a chest X-Ray and bloodwork for that day. We were there until 5 p.m. Monday was a very long day. Tuesday we had lunch with some of our friends from Houston and then went up to the hospital around 7 p.m. for his catscan. We finished up around 11 p.m. Wednesday we got there at 12 for his petscan and finally finished up and left for home around 5. Traffic was terrible. We finally got home around 11 last night. We were quite tired!!!
The dr said that on Tuesday's they have their conference and the Dr's would all meet and review all of Donnie's information. His newest results, all the films and notes that we brought with us and then decide what course of treatment they might be able to offer so hopefully they will be able to call us Wednesday of next week. We get to play the waiting game again. I hate that game, I am not any good at it :(. He said that right now, surgery still isn't an option, maybe chemo , then chemo/ radiation and then we would see if it had shrunk enough to operate. The bad thing is the lymph nodes near his pancreas are almost impossible to get to with surgery. If chemo doesn't shrink them, he doesn't think they will be able to get to them. Something along those lines. I am very thankful that we have family to stay with in Houston. That makes things so much easier. It is definitely easier to be around family than in a hotel room somewhere. Feels more like home.
You know as Donnie was waiting for the doctor or having tests done, I would work the puzzles that are laid out on tables all over the hospital. I guess they put them out to help people pass the time, to help you keep your mind off of why you are there. Maybe it's just to feel like you are doing something. As Donnie got his last pet scan, it seemed to take forever. I walked thru the "park" as they call it and just looked around at all of the other people going thru the same thing that we are going thru. I can't describe the feeling. Knowing we aren't alone, that people out there know exactly how we feel and sad that all of these people were feeling exactly what we do. It brought me to tears as I thought "How did we get here? How did we get to this place where Donnie is fighting for his life? This isn't supposed to be happening to us. We are supposed to have the 'happily ever after'. " I wanted someone to wake me from this nightmare and tell me that everything would be ok. If only it were that simple.
It has been a long long week. I am glad it's almost the weekend but still have a ton of stuff to do so I don't think I will be getting much rest.
Anyway, still working hard on the benefit. They have been quite busy while I was gone. I can't believe it is next weekend. I hope we have a good turnout.
I will update when I know more.
love to all

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