Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a new year

Dear Donnie,

Here I face yet another holiday without you. I am remembering last New Years Eve with you. As we danced and your arms were around me, I knew in my heart that it would be our last. I tried to soak up every memory and every moment of what exactly that felt like. I tried to embed the feeling of your arms around me in my memory so I could reach in and revisit that memory whenever I wanted to once you were gone. I remember what it felt like. I never felt more safe in this world than when I was in your arms.

Facing this New Year without you is scary. Some days I don’t know how I will get thru. But it is on those days that I reach into my memory bank and revisit those memories to help get me thru. Still knowing and still believing that you are still with me all I have to do is close my eyes to see you and feel you there.

Thank you for so many wonderful memories to choose from. I miss you everyday.

I love you

Always and Forever


I wrote the following a few months ago but wanted to share it.

When you miss me

When you miss me

Close your eyes

I know you can’t touch me

But can you feel me?

I am there with you

In your heart

holding you close

When you miss me

Close your eyes

Stop for a moment

remember how we met

And how wonderful it was

Falling in love

When you miss me

Close your eyes

Remember that laughter

the tears

the life we had together

And know how blessed we were.

For the love we shared

When you miss me

Close your eyes and listen

I am there

I am the whisper of the wind

Saying I love you

And wrapping my love around you

When you miss me

Close your eyes

And forgive me

know that I didn’t want to leave you

But it was time for me to go

When you miss me

Close your eyes

search for me

I am still there

Helping you to go on

wanting you to go on

Giving you the strength

To find your place in the world without me.

Author: Robin Reynolds

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