Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yesterday was Justin’s 19th birthday. I don’t know where the time has gone. He was just my little boy and now before me is this man. This man that I am proud to call my son. He has exceeded every expectation I have ever had for him. And my expectations have been high. He amazes me every day and as good as it is to see him becoming this man, it also breaks my heart to be losing my little boy. That cotton topped little boy who would just shout out from the back seat of the car “ You know what momma? I love you” That little boy who could never stand to see anyone else upset. That little boy that had biggest blue eyes who always looked for the good and had a crooked little smile.

I have no doubt of the man that Justin has become and will continue to grow into. He had an amazing man for a role model. Donnie showed him by example how to be a man. A good man. Donnie was so proud of him and so proud to call him his son. I think the feeling was mutual between them. There was so much love and respect for each other there. And when it is Justin’s turn to be a dad, I know he will aspire to be the Dad that Donnie was to him.

As we sang happy birthday to Justin , there was a pang in my heart. I think that there was one in Justin’s heart too. I found myself looking around for Donnie. Things just don’t feel right without him here. And although I know that he wasn’t standing next to me, I know he was there with us, smiling and that he was as proud of Justin as he ever was and as he always will be.
Happy Birthday Justin. I love you!

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