Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Donnie Update/Golf Tournament 11-27-07

All I can say is WOW, what a day. When I woke up Saturday , it was raining pretty hard. I started praying, please God, if it has to rain, let it be done early. Long story short, we had 34 teams of golfers play Saturday and it didn't rain on any of them. The turn out was phenomenal. I cannot get over the number of people that came out and spent the entire day supporting Donnie. The tournament was a huge success. Several people said, I sure hope Donnie knows how much he is loved. I said that if he didn't know before, he should definitely know now. I was touched, overwhlemed and speechless by such kindness from our friends, family and even strangers. All I can say is that it is such a terrible shame that the Country Club is closing because that is the most caring generous group of people I have met since I don't know when. After golf we had great food, Jambalaya, Gumbo, Cracklins, Pastalaya. It was all so good. We had music and dancing and raffles and auctions. It was a very long day. Started around 8 and ended around 11 p.m.. We were all exhausted, especially Donnie. He didn't play golf and didn't over exert himself. He did go out and make an awesome putt for Mikey Braud :) It was still too long of a day for him though. I just couldn't get him to go home and Rest! Again, the day was quite emotional and such a special day for myself and Donnie and the kids. They worked hard selling raffle tickets and t-shirts! What an amazing group of friends we have. we are so very blessed.
Also, Team Donnie shirts are in for anyone who ordered one or wants one! Just let me know.
Donnie goes for a cat scan on Friday and has a doctors appointment Monday to get results. I am steadily praying that we have good results. please keep us in your prayers!!!
Love to all!!!!!!!!!

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