Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Donnie update 1-21-08

Well we went to the doctor today for Donnie's test results. They were good. Not as good as the last but still good. The tumor is still shrinking. There was alot of medical mumbo jumbo that is hard to explain but the tumor is shrinking and there are no other spots showing up. Apparantly, a tumor can be shrinking and you can have other spots show up on your liver or your lung or whatever. So that is good news. He has chemo Wednesday and then in 3 weeks he will have another treatment. After that they will do another scan and then he will be done with chemo for now. Regardless of what the results are. I also found out today that you can only have so much of certain kinds of chemo. They are saying that it is "stable" so then they will just monitor him for a while and let his body have a break from the chemo. They may start another type of chemo later this year or just depending what the scans show. So, hope everyone understands this, I know it is confusing, I know it is to me. Keep praying that the next one shows it is all gone. love to all. Robin

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