Monday, January 12, 2009

another update

Well Donnie is off to Houston today for his 2nd round of the new chemo. He seemed to fair “ok” with the first one. It wiped him out at times and he was quite tired. The mouth sores became a problem fairly quickly and I worry they aren’t even healed completely and he is going again. His attitude and spirit is unbelievable. He never complains. He pushes thru each day and inspires me so much. I am amazed every single day by his strength and courage and consider myself blessed every day to be his wife.
Please say extra prayers that this new chemo will work and the side effects will be minimal.

Also please pray for our friends
Trevor Vampran so he can come home soon from St Jude
Lexi Brignac who is in the hospital in BR.

Love to all

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