Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I wish I could wake up and this was all a bad dream

Well it again was a long 2 days in Houston. Donnie had his scans on Monday and Tuesday we got results. It was not the results that we wanted to hear. The tumor itself is stable but he has lymph nodes that have grown significantly. They are changing his chemo as they feel that the chemo he is on isn’t working anymore. He will start the Monday after Christmas. He did not want to start it next Monday because he did not want to be sick for Christmas. This is a stronger chemo with harsher side effects. He isn’t looking forward to it. But he will not have to come home with a pump anymore. He will have a 3 hour treatment at the hospital in Houston every 2 weeks. He will lose his hair again (he’s definitely not crazy about that) but that is mimor.
Plus, the scan showed that he has more blood clots. He has migrating phlebitis. It causes the blood clots to show up in different locations. It is common in patients who have gastric cancers. The bad news is that he has blood clots in his lungs (pulmonary embolism) . He will be on blood thinning shots twice a day indefinitely.
I don’t even know what else to say. My heart is breaking.
Please keep praying
Love to All

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Deb said...

Even though the news was not what you were expecting, both you and Donnie should not give up! Keep the faith and hang on to every little positive that you have. Our family also has endured many bad scan reports with my husband being sent home twice to die. His strong faith, positive attitude, prayer and chemo continues to get his through. We are awaiting a report on Monday as well, so my prayers are with your family.
Remember, keep as positive as possible and NEVER QUIT!
If anytime you would like to get on our chat forum on my website, we have a great mixture of cancer patients and caregivers who are soooo supportive. We usually are on most evenings approx 6:30pm EST. It's just a suggestion but I know we all help each other through the difficult moments.