Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Donnie update

Well Donnie went to the Dr on Monday and it wasn't good. He has blood clots in his left arm this time and his right leg. So back to the shots again. He doesn't like those but it is a neccessary evil. The dr told him that this is something he will have to contend with more often now.
Donnie said that he guesses that he is just going down hill now. I hate to hear him say that.
He said his leg doesn't hurt as bad as his arm though.
Say prayers that the shots will start working soon and give him some relief.

Love to all
Keep praying.

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Debbie said...

Tell Donnie that he just can't quit like that..too many people are depending on him. This is only one more hill for him to climb along this prayers are with you all.