Monday, July 28, 2008


Well, we got back Saturday from our week in Destin. It was really nice. The house that we stayed in was beautiful!! Great view of the beach. Donnie had chemo the week before we left and was feeling better by the time we went. I had some great relaxing days. Donnie and the kids ran around a lot more than me. He and Shantel went parasailing and Courtney and her friend Danielle went too. The pictures are priceless. Justin and Sara and Shantel went snorkeling. We all went on a dolphin cruise. Caley loved the boat. She kept throwing her hands up in the air and yelling. She was the star of the afternoon. People on the boat were taking pictures of her!!! I don't blame them, she is beautiful. Donnie and I rented one of those scooter cars and drove up and down the beach one day. It was my favorite thing, just me and him riding. It was a beautiful day for it. Kids didn't get to swim much. Too many jellyfish but they were able to swim a day or 2. They had the pool and plenty of other kids to hang out with > I think they all had fun.

I know I did. I wasn't ready to come home. you know back to reality and the real world.

Donnie's younger brother Keith had surgery on Friday. We just found out he has thyroid cancer. It was definitely a shock. Cancer is such an ugly beast!!!! The good news is that they removed his thyroid and hopefully he will be able to do the radiation and it will be gone. He has the "good" kind of thyroid cancer. I know it's hard to believe it could be good but this one is 97% curable! So hopefully it was caught within time and taken care of. Please add him and his family to your prayers.
Donnie is in Houston now. He has chemo in the morning.
I will update on his progress soon.
keep praying,
love to all

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